24Jan, 2012

Kettlebell Athletics Training Template

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Nothing to sell here or promote. Just wanted to share a kettlebell training resource that might help with your training.

This is our “Kettlebell Athletics Training Template.” We don’t always stick to this template like concrete but it is a good guide.

You can download it here: Kettlebell Athletics Training Template

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24Jan, 2012

3 More Kettlebell Exercises You’re NOT Doing but Should Be


This is a part #2 or a follow up to the 6 Kettlebell Exercises You’re Not Doing post from a few days ago.

Kettlebell Athletics Coach DPT Mike Davis sent these over to me and I loved these kettlebell exercises as soon as I saw them.

They’re very similar as the other kettlebell exercises. The main difference or tweak is actually stepping through on the active side allowing the support hip to extend more fully. These variations actually feel more free and natural to me.

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18Jan, 2012

6 Kettlebell Exercises You’re NOT Doing but Should Be.


I love basic kettlebell exercises and although you should spend the majority of your kettlebell training time on those, it’s OK to train some different skills from time to time. And to be honest I still consider these kettlebell exercises basic…or at least elements or components of basic kettlebell movements.

Quick Heads-Up: Our Spring schedule for Kettlebell Athletics Live Events is up. We’ve added some different workshops to the list. Hope to see you there. Click Here to check them out. Live Events!

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8Jan, 2012

Get a Stronger Core, 3 kettlebell squats that work like a charm

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Kettlebell training is the complete package. Although it’s a possibility to do some isolation or single joint exercises with kettlebells, the real beauty is in their full-body intergration.

The kettlebell front squat is one kettlebell exercise where you’ll feel much more working besides your legs and hips.

Once you get the form down use a weight that heavy enough to light up your core, you’ll feel it real quick. Once you’ve master those please give the more advanced variations out from the video below.

The crazy stuff starts at 1:29. Have fun.

If you haven’t checkout out my streaming kettlebell workouts go here for a free trial. StreamFit- Streaming Kettlebell Workouts.

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2Jan, 2012

Quick Kettlebell Workout…try this for 10 minutes.


I know you’re time is short but you still love you some kettlebell workouts!

Here’s a quick little kettlebell workout that you can complete in 10 minutes. If you’re not fit enough to go the full 10 minutes either reduce the number of repetitions you complete on each set or reduce the overall number of minutes.

For example, this workout calls for 5 repetitions per side of the kettlebell clean and press for 10 miuntes. You can do sets of 3 instead of 5 or you can just work for 5-7 minutes. You get the point. you goal however is 10 rounds in 10 minutes. Kettlebell must re-visit the floor on each rep.

If you’d love to check out other Streaming Kettlebell Workouts as well as other awesome workouts from top fitness professionals head on over to StreamFit and sign up for your free week.


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27Dec, 2011

Streaming Follow-Along Kettlebell Workouts with JCB!

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Hey, JCB here, and it’s go time!

That’s right, I’m really excited to share this groundbreaking new fitness project that I’m honored to be a part of.

It’s called StreamFIT and it’s a killer new web mobile platform that provides unlimited streaming metabolic bootcamp-style follow-along workouts accessible anytime, anywhere from the top trainers in the game.

Essentially, it’s like P90X meets Netflix- boom!

Here’s a quick video showing me in action:

For years now, my followers have been asking for follow-along kettlebell workouts and now you can instantly access just that.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the workouts I shot (some have not yet been added FYI, but will be soon over the next couple of months):

The Kettlebell Kaos Transformation Program: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

The Bands and Bells Workout

The Ultimate Bodyweight Combat Conditioning Challenge Workout

6 Battle of the Bells Sizzlers (Kettlebells vs. Dumbbells) for the Following Targeted Body Zones: Arms, Abs, Legs, Butt, Shoulders, and Total Body

The Kettlebell Kamikaze Challenge Workout

As if it wasn’t enough to crank it with yours truly, you get to train with my fitness friends who are the best in the biz at what they do:

BJ Gaddour: StreamFIT CEO, Fitness Bootcamp and Metabolic Training Expert
Holly Rigsby: Busy Mom Fitness Expert
Dave Schmitz: Resistance Band Training and Fit Over 40 Expert
Cassandra Forsythe: Pregnancy and Female Fitness Expert
Mike Robertson: Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Expert
Naomi Nazario: Group Exercise and Female Fitness Expert

Here’s why you need to Get StreamFIT:

Your Workouts, Your Way: Customize your workouts by targeted body zone, fitness level, instructor, training tool, and duration with new content added monthly!

World Class Coaching and Motivation: Get a high-energy, total fitness experience with exercise progressions for all fitness levels and speciality programming for beginners, busy moms, fit over 40, kettlebell training, pregnant woman, corrective exercise, extreme challenge, and more!

Fitness at Your Fingertips: Follow-along on any device with internet access including computers, smartphones, tablets, and connect any of these devices to your TV with the proper HDMI connection
Get your free 7-day trial to StreamFit today.

No credit card info is required and it only takes 60 seconds to register:


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