21Jan, 2009

Kettlebell Overhead Presses- Same but Different

I’m sure that you like a little training variety but I’m also sure that you like to make as much progress in your kettlebell training program as possible.

How do you balance the two?

One of our training philosophies at Kettlebell Athletics is “Same but Different.” We don’t stray too far from the basic kettlebell exercises such as Snatches, Clean & Jerks, Presses and Swings but we also include a fair share of variety.

For example, most of our kettlebell training programs involve overhead presses but we will not always perform the same varition. Sometimes we hit double kettlebell presses, on other training days we’ll hit See-Saw presses or heavy 1-arm kettlebell presses.

This keeps us and our clients motivated but still moving forward towards our goals.

Here’s a short video of 2 of my favorite kettlebell press variations. Try them out and let me know how it goes.

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Comments on “Kettlebell Overhead Presses- Same but Different” (23)

  1. Sam L

    Love it JCB! Keep the vids coming!

  2. Cary

    I love it.I had been doing the punch press for years. Great strength and stabilty exercise. Even better if you add a one arm overhead squat in between each one.

  3. Richard Cruz

    I actually trainned with slattery today, one of my exercises in my circuit was overhead presses (Alt). cant wait to learn more

  4. Gavin Moreton

    Thanx again Jason, I’ve used the see saw before but not the punch press, simple yet effective. I had an awesome workout yesterday and tried the Mr Spectacular with a burpee and 5 pull ups that is definetly a favorite of mine for sure. Take care

  5. josh Amaro

    Thanks J another exercise to ad to my toolbox of stuff to get me ready for log PT

  6. jen

    Great Vid! Love ya!

  7. admin

    Will do Sam, See you tomorrow?

  8. admin


    The stability factor is often overlooked…thanks for pointing that out. I’ll try it out with the overhead squat…sounds brutal.

  9. admin

    Thanks Gavin. How did you arrange those drills? Would love to see it.

  10. admin

    Thanks Josh. Are you in Philly?

  11. admin

    Love you too Jen!

  12. Gavin Moreton

    On the drills: first of all choose your weapons carefully. Clean and press then walk out and do a press up as you perfectly demo’d (you should now be directly under a chin up bar) Squat thrust into squat position – look up and jump onto chin up bar – 5 pull ups. Back into squat – back out with the legs – press up optional – hand walk back as demo’d repeat as many times as you feel ready for. hope you like it, I’m still feeling it!

  13. robert

    hi jason, maybe i’ve been doing something wrong, but for a few weeks now i’ve been getting your e-mails but without the videos. i’m not all that computer savy so maybe i’m doing something wrong, any suggestions? robert

  14. admin


    Thanks for sharing. sounds rough. Do you keep the pull-ups at 5 or are you doing a ladder?

  15. Gavin Moreton

    I suppose a ladder would work, i would personally do a ladder only if I was to up the weight of the kettlebell or something. from say 16 to 24 depending on strength of course. My workout i posted on the Hells Bells blog was 5 sets of 5.

    P.s I’m doing a workout tommorrow has anyone any ideas what i can add in?

  16. Angie

    Awesome! I get bored with the same ol’ shoulder presses..great variety!

  17. admin

    Hey Robert,

    The videos are embedded within the blog. Not sure why you can’t see them. I’m pretty good with tech stuff but that has me a little confused.

    Maybe someone else has an idea.

  18. admin

    Hey Gavin,

    I’m going to post another favorite kettlebell workout of ours…you’ll have to try it out.

  19. admin

    Thanks for visiting Angie!

  20. Gavin Moreton

    Thanks I will, Jus Keep em coming!

  21. Richard

    Can you do the punch press and add a clean to it?

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