21Apr, 2009

3 Warning Signs That Your Kettlebell Training Program Might Suck! Part 1

3 Warning Signs That Your Kettlebell Training Program Might Suck! Part 1…

Video speaks for itself…

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  1. Turkey Sandwich

    Good post. I’ve seen that same failure to properly integrate kettlebell training into a complete program at virtually every gym I’ve been to that features kettlebells. Trainers either get a kettlebell certification, market that exclusively, and forget the countless other options available, or the gyms purchase kettlebells and trainers with no KB experience end up teaching the classes.

  2. mike stehle

    Nice post!

  3. admin

    Holy!!!!!!!!!! Turkey Sandwich on the KBA Blog! You’ve hit the nail on the head. Let’s turn this shit around.

  4. admin

    Thanek Mike. You’re one of the guys I look to for solid training info brother. How many happy clients do you have now? Like 2000?

  5. Franz

    Awesome vid Jason!!! Speaking the TRUTH brother!

  6. Nicholas Schodtler

    I agree with you Jason 100%. I am a dedicated kettlebell trainer -but as you pointed out it is just one part of the program -there is clubbells, sandbags, stones, medicine balls, gymnastic rings, plyometric boxes, stability balls -and of of course the “Big 4 Lifts” -Deadlift -Squat -Clean & Press and the Bent over Row and the list goes on. Even the traditional tools like barbells and dumbbells can be utilized in unorthodox ways to further a client’s training or training for your self. Creativity goes along way in getting results. But one topic you hit DEAD ON -was “The uneducated instructing kettlebell usage” -I see it far too often in my community and it really does reflect badly on all of us that love and know how to use kettlebells properly.

  7. Mike Stehle

    Looking forward to part 2! Got my eye on my in box brother!

  8. Hanna Kassis

    Good stuff.

  9. Spida Hunter

    Awesome Brother, so many layers to this topic!! Looking forward to more my man!!

  10. admin

    Hey Franz,

    Thanks for being here hermano. How’s the new facility? I’ll call you this week to discuss something.

  11. admin

    Hey Nicholas,

    Thanks for your input and I agree 100%. How do intergrate the big 4 with your kettlebell training?

  12. TC

    Hey Jason
    I agreed with you that kettlebell training does not hurt your back. As a certified Australian Kettlebell Instructor, people that I do kettlebell coaching with actually improved their strength in their back. It really depends on how the person does it. Looking forward to your next post.


  13. BJ Gaddour

    I simply can’t wait to get certified by Pam and Jason come June….

    you guys are awesome and it was a pleasure being able to work out at your facility in Philly

    crank it!


  14. Keira Newton

    Nice post Jason1

  15. admin

    Wow! look at all the awesome trainers on this post!

    TC, I appreciate you visiting all the way from Oz.

  16. admin

    BJ Gaddour !!!! Can’t wait to work with you in June…we’ll crank some Workout Muse…..http://www.workoutmuse.com/ and get our place going crazy.

    Thanks for visiting last month!

  17. admin

    Hey Keira,

    How have you been? How’s training?

  18. John Slattery

    Good post brother- think clete and wheats are in for june 6th and 7th as well! talk to u soon !

  19. Mike Richer

    I stumbled on to KB’s about 2 years ago and the turn in my strength, fitness and functionality of my body have taken a 180 degree turn. I am 38 turning 39 years old in 2 months and have never had more complete fitness , even as a life long athlete. People that I haven’t seen since I began training in this manner can’t beleive the transformation that has occured. I am going for my Level one certification under Shawn Mozen in Alberta, Canada not because I am a fitness trainer, but because I don’t want to limit my potential of this training to my limited knowledge. This website is very excellent in getting a clear and concise training info across as well as in its production value. Well done!

  20. 3 Warning Signs Why Your Kettlebell Training Program Might Suck Part 2. | Kettlebell Training Strategies from Kettlebell Training Experts Jason C. Brown & Pamela MacElree

    [...] This week Pamela would like to weigh in on Warning Sign Number 2 on Why Your Kettlebell Training Program Might Suck. If you’d like to see Part 1 just go here: Does Your Kettlebell Program Suck? [...]

  21. Sincere

    Awesome video, Jason. I agree and have also said that, poor training, a lack of proper kettlebell knowledge (or any area of personal training), hurts the industry.

    Thus, instead of getting right to the issue at hand and focusing on how we can help a client, we have to waste their time and ours, in the beginning, showing them how we “really” can help them achieve their results.

    Most importantly, we end up wasting time explaining how we are not the uneducated, careless “trainers” they may have encountered in the past. Great post, bro. Keep them coming.


  22. admin

    Slats…. Let’s go brother…take over the East Coast…then the world!

  23. admin

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for writing. Your post is going to help me lead directly into my next post and thanks for the kind words.

  24. Jason C. Brown

    Sincere brother…I didn’t know you hung around these parts…thanks for stopping in.

  25. Sandy Sommer, RKC

    Dear Jason,

    Great points you raise. I would, however, respectfully disagree with you on one thing. I feel that if you are teaching clients correct kettlebell practice with a systemtic approach that includes some primal bodyweight exercises your clients will get amazing results.

    The kettlebell may not be the “be all, end all” tool but used correctly and with proper program design I think the KB is the most efficient tool we have . Fast results from a quick workout!

  26. admin

    Hey Sandy,

    Thanks for writing. I don’t think we disagree at all. I love kettlebell and bodyweight training united.But, I think there is a time and place for BB training, DB training etc….maybe not for general fitness…but to make it to higher levels…

  27. Eric Moss RKC

    Jillian from biggest loser….are you watching this?

    great post Jason!

  28. TJ Byxbee

    I am currently teaching a Women’s Kettlebell Clinic- a four week comprehensive training program that emphasizes functional mobility and corrective drills as we all know a lot can go wrong when people start training with ketteleblls, or only assume that they have to do swings. We incorporate KB training with Indian Clubs, Rope Undualtion, sand bags, reactive trunk training drills along with a progressive training plan. We are in week three now-my ladies feel stronger, have lost weight, and are having fun challenging themselves at an approriate level for their conditioning. KB’s are a great stand alone tool, but are even more fun and effective when integrated into various training systems.

  29. Nikki Layton

    Great post! I started working wiht a kettlebell instructor 1-1 for 3 months before I even showed a kettlebell to a client and it is just a small part of what we can offer the clients. Form still counts in kettlebells, a lot of people think that if you are going hard you don’t need to think about form but I think the harder you go the more the form has to be instilled as to avoid injury!

  30. Antonio Cordova

    Great Post! I met Jason about 2 years ago and did my first KB training, since then he encourage me to go on to RKC which I did, understand the importance of learning how to properly execute and teaching not just the KB but other fundamental tools. I see too many people specially trainers using the KB incorrectly and I don’t hesitate to correct them or point out how dangerous that can be. I admire you Jason for stepping up, thanks for the inspiration and the dedication.

  31. Barry B.

    I always tell my clients, “Use your butt not your back with kettlebells”.

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