13Aug, 2009

Kettlebell Training in Men’s Health

I had the honor of being interviewed by Men’s Health Magazine last week at our facility in Philadelphia.

Of course the topic was kettlebell training and they wanted to see some of the most common exercises as well as some of the mistakes that people make when they start training with kettlebells.

We also talked about kettlebell training benefits and how to plug kettlebell training into your existing program.

Please check out the videos below:

P.S. If you’re ever in the Philadelphia area and want to get some kettlebell training in please visit us at our facility. Click here for info: Urban Athlete

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  1. Nia

    Great job, Jason! Your answers were very informative, and the live demo that you did was great. I can see how a novice KB lifter could benefit from your demos. Well done (as usual). Hope to come visit you in Philly later this year.

  2. Dean

    Congrats Jason – Really nice job. Love watching you teach, I always get better hearing your cues.

  3. La Saun

    WHOAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bob Clavin

    Nice job!

  5. David Cabral


    Great job. Keep going strong.

  6. Mike Massie

    Great job Jason, and congrats on getting this level of recognition for your work. You deserve it.

    Best regards,

    Mike Massie

  7. daniel

    great stuff jason! as usual.
    will this be on both the Men’s Health magazine and website? if so, schweeet.
    if i’m ever in the philly area, i’ll be sure to stop by to train with you and pamela.

  8. Mike Stehle

    Nicely Done!

    Congrats brother!

  9. Dave Randolph

    Congratulations Jason, Excellent job


    Great Job Jason, Congratulations !

  11. Spida Hunter

    awesome stuff brother, keep it up!!

  12. Jason C. Brown

    Thanks all!!! I trulely appreciate all your support.

  13. Francesco

    Congratulations from Italy too: your videos are very well made!
    I always complete my free fight training with kettlebell’s exercises!

  14. Steve Mckanna

    Good work Jason!!

  15. Christopher Reed


    Excellent, excellent job! Really informative and a really good insight into what can be accomplished with a few relatively simple Kettlebell lifts. Congratulations on the feature and continued success!



  16. Nikki Layton

    Looks great! you did an awesome job looking forward to my Kettlebell certification with you guys on the Sunday after Bootcamp Bootcamp. Is anyone else taking their course!

    I don’t think you want to miss out

  17. Pete Diaz

    That was nicely done. Straightforward and to the point.

  18. Franz Snideman

    Very professional Jason! congratulations!!!

  19. Johnny D


    Awesome Job…..looking forward to spreadin’ the word on this one….you covered the key fundamentals that everyone should know. The “punch” is so logical yet I had a CF coach come up to me the other day actually proud of his top forearm bruises …. he will definitely see this video. FORM IS KEY…..As always thanks for the POW (pearls of wisdom).


  20. John Priddy

    As usual Jason and excellent interview and great presence. A great way to spread the word about the benefits of kettlebell training.

  21. Alan Lendaro

    Nice job Jason!

    So refreshing to see solid, well presented information about the kettlebell in some of the more mainstream publications.

  22. Dale

    Wonderful job Jason. I’ve done a lot of TV appearances and know how hard that is. I will show these to my students. You make it look so easy. Very impressive and professional. THIS is what kettlebell instruction is all about.


  23. Nicoco

    Very nice but K bells are still hard to find here.

  24. Dick Gary

    Outstanding Jason – great to see you receive the noteriety you deserve!

  25. Rob

    Good segment on kettlebells, but the real question is when are we going to be able to buy some of those kick ass long sleeve Kettlebell Athletics shirts you always wear?

  26. Ed Austin

    Great stuff. Congrats on the interviews.

  27. Tim

    Excellent as always, borrowing from an Elvis tune, ‘…stop, look, and listen…’, seems to work when watching good teaching.

  28. Geri

    Great job Jason! Finally got a chance to sit down and view all of this! Perfect person for this piece. Yes I cheated and tried other kettlebell organizations but I keep coming back to you. Cant wait for the seminar! Talk soon. Geri

  29. Raymond Simpson

    Hey Jason! Awesome job bro. Don’t know why you would be nervous, you were smooth man, everything was on point ! Keep blowin up man!


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