19Jul, 2010

Kettlebell Core Conditioning- The Top 6?

I was recently hanging out with my good friend and human movement maniac Mike Robertson of Robertson Training Systems.

I was presenting on Kettlebell Training program design and Mike was presenting on Bullet-proofing group fitness classes or bootcamps.

Mike brought up the topic of trading out crunches for core exercises that are a bit more re-active. My ears perked up…not like I wasn’t paying attention the entire time however.

Some of the exercises that Mike brought up were Kettlebell carries and how he uses them as a finisher at the end of  his programs.

I like his thinking. Here are few Kettlebell exercises that I find are great for re-active core conditioning.

You may not be ready for all them right now but several are very easy to implement. Check them out. 

And please let me know your favorite kettlebell exercises below in the comment section as I’m sure that there are many that I’m missing.

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  1. Coach Dom

    Just started doing alternating cross clean’s from the deck. If you’re long (tall) you can place the bell outside your opposite foot and clean the bell from there. If you are blessed like me and built close to the ground you may want to keep the bell to the inside of your opposite foot, avoid being off balanced and overreaching. use a moderate to heavy bell.

    Good stuff Jason will try with my fighters.

    keep Punching
    Coach Dom

  2. Dave

    Jay excelent video maybe i can get down to train one day

  3. Dan

    Great stuff, clients are gonna love adding some walks!


  4. Moose Meyers

    Good stuff, Jason. I have been doing all of these for quite a while so it’s good to know I’ve been on the right track. I love all your posts. They are always informative and easy to follow. You make a good coach. Keep it up.

  5. nancy

    As always, great stuff, thanks!! Also suitcase squats and single leg deadlifts with one KB, renegade rows…not always fun but effective!

  6. A. Chris Bernardini

    these routines will work great in my aikido practise because they are dynamic and functional.

  7. Pete

    These are great Jason. I have been doing to carries in some of my workouts. I like to carrying two bells overhead as have to stabilize my whole body but I will try the one overhead and one rack today as I can see how the core will have to compensate. I have to say that the exercise where I really feel my core is plain old front squats with two bells racked.

  8. jason


    The kids would love my gym. My guys cry when we have to go home. WE have lots of cool toys.

  9. jason

    Cool dan, let me know how it goes.

  10. jason

    Hey Moose,

    Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it. Yeah, these are fun…I always forget until I start to include them again.

  11. jason

    Thanks Nancy. I love those kettlebell exercises as well. Do you have anything that might be a bit more re-active?

  12. John

    That’s awesome stuff. I used to do a double overhead carry for one orbit around the weight room then I’d drop the KBs to the rack position, go around the weight room again, and then I’d just do a basic farmer’s carry for one more loop. I never put the KBs down the entire time. This is a great way to finish off the routine. (and I know we’re not doing this for size or looks, but that little finisher added a lot of size to my upper body and made the muscle tissue in my core extra dense.) Great vid.

    Thanks again!

  13. jason

    Awesome Chris. Let me know how it goes. I love helping out martial artist so I’d love to hear how your class took to them.

  14. jason

    Dude Pete!!! Front squats are the hardest on the core no doubt.

  15. Dave

    JAY, remember your one of the best out there keep moving forward. AWESOME stuff .. dave

  16. Terri Stuart

    Great Concept, I was just going over this very subject with my Boot Campers this morning. I took some quiet time to properly teach the push press,(thanks to Kettle Bell Athletics) then I added the over head walk along with instruction on engaging the respiratory muscles…I explained to them the benefits of the kettle bell pillar training for the ‘core’ . Just when i thought they were getting it, one of the newbies says. “can we do Ab’s now” I’m sure the look on my face said it all. Thanks for the continued advice.

  17. Jennie

    Good Stuff JCB. I’ll start using some of these in my workouts. Love the open palm cleans and snatches. Going to try those this week. Oh, and I must say, I never knew you had such great dance moves! haha! What was that thing you were doing with your leg??

  18. Matt

    Love the exercises. I’m gonna try them all but more importantly, where did you get that t-shirt? Awesome? I gotta have one.

  19. Jason

    Hey Terri,

    I feel for you. I had one morning camper that always wanted to work “abs.” She couldn’t even hold a plank or do one push-up well.

    She doesn’t train with us anymore and I don’t mind.

    How’s that Golden Kettlebell holding up?

  20. Jason

    Is this Jennie? Form Perform Better? On our blog? Where have you been? I’ll show you in Long Beach.

  21. Jason

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks. The shirt was a present from a client. They got it here:


    I think that shop is closed though.

    These shirts are pretty cool also.


    Just sayin’

  22. Angela

    Thank you for these training ideas. Would these be best as part of a warm up drill, a skill drill, or part of an actual main workout?

    I am still a novice, and working on the basics, but have been using the waiter walk and the rack walk already.

    Thank you again.

  23. Angela

    Just remembered. I like to do KB Overhead Squats and press up from squat bottom. It really seems like it takes a lot of practice and work to hold good form, and my core/stabilizer muscles are always working the hardest during these moves where there is a load overhead.

    Thank you again.

  24. jason

    You’re welcome Angela. everything depends on what you’re training for. I would not recommend open-palm snatches if you’re tired. Maybe even the cleans.

    The Kettlebell carries are great as a finisher at the end of a workout as are slingshots etc…

    Slingshots and carries work well as active rest during circuits or complexes as well.

  25. jason


    That’s known as the Sots Press. Great kettlebell exercise.

  26. marty


    Purchased your dvd/cd set “KB-Training for Fitness and Sport” Great stuff! Can you please tell me the name of the band on the dvd. Always looking for good motivational music.



  27. Jason

    Coach Dom,

    Not sure how I missed your comment. I love those. Have you tried kettlebell snatches from the same set-up?

  28. Rosiebells

    OK, GREAT stuff. Getting board of the gym, took my class to the beach for a 6am class and did the basics but added the cleans, snatches, walking racks and walking finishers on the beach. Some small different variables can make ALL the difference. Thanks A LOT!!!!

  29. Mike Robertson

    Thanks for the shout out Jason!

    There are some fantastic exercises in here. Can’t wait to get them a shot!


  30. Megan

    SO the dance is your dynamic warm up right? Can we see a video of Pam doing that dynamic warm up? haha! I love overhead walks! That helped me with getting the 24k snatch and get up. Much love to you guys!

  31. Hey Marty,

    Sorry, I have no idea who write those songs on our DVD. The video editor put those on there.

  32. Rosiebells! Thanks for visiting. I’m sure the sand makes all those kettlebell exercises even harder. Thanks for rubbing it in.

  33. Hey Mike,

    Please let me know how it goes.

  34. Megan!!! We love you. Don’t be such a stranger around here. Thanks for all your help on the West Coast, what would we do without you?

    P.S. I have better dance skills than Pamela.

  35. Jason Harless

    I know you’re on the West coast a lot, but do you ever come to the Seattle area. I need to be KBA certified, man!

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