8Dec, 2010

Kettlebell Flow for BJJ | BJJ Specific Kettlebell Workout

” Kettlebell Workout for BJJ Video by Jason C. Brown”


Kettlebell Training and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) are perfect for one another.

1. Both focus on leverage, power, endurance and timing.

2. Both have a great sense of flow, moving from one movement or position cleanly and smoothly into another. That’s one of the best features of the kettlebell’s design actually.

3. They both encourage freedom! In BJJ you develop your own game centered around your won personal strengths and likes. In kettleebll training the bell adapts to you and your structure. You’re not locked into a machine or into some dogmatic program. Free and romantic!

Please try out the Kettleebll Flow for BJJ. If you’re not a BJJ player or martial artist you’re still more than welcome to try it out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well.

These kettlebell exercises were chosen because tehy have direct carry-over into the mechanics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Comments on “Kettlebell Flow for BJJ | BJJ Specific Kettlebell Workout” (26)

  1. Tom

    Great looking workout… simple yet effective!

  2. pradeep

    Back ground music looks like indian.

  3. Matt Jennings

    SWEET! Brother Jason.
    I dig the whole idea of introducing the “flow” concept into training.
    You know we are gonna’ see this style of exercise blow up…
    Good stuff my man!
    Thanks & Peace-

  4. Thanks Tom. I appreciate your feedback. Some folks would claim that those moves are complicated.

  5. Pradeep,

    It is Indian music. I got it off of Imovie.

  6. Thanks Matt. I agree. I like to be an early adaptor.

  7. James Hankins

    I too am impressed with the “flow” concept. I hate to use a word that is probably already overused, but there’s something organic about it–a synthesis of mind and muscle working together in coordination and harmony . It appears to be more of an interaction with the kettlebell rather than just fighting it. People are always wondering how to put together a sensible kettlebell workout; well, I’d say here it is.

  8. Jason

    Thanks James and I agree.

    Can you come up with a better word than “Flow?’ I’ll give you full credit but it works best for what I’m thinking when I train…or um…flow.

  9. Mark

    Awesome workout – just done this now, gets the heartrate up for such a quick session!

  10. Steve McKanna

    Great workout, exercises compliment each other and get right at the movement patterns of BJJ. I will use this with our wrestlers at school. Thanks

  11. Mike Etienne

    Awesome stuff Champ!!! anyone who says they don’t have time to work out after watching this video is full of MULARKY!!! Flow is what’s up!

  12. James Hankins

    Well…yeah, I can think of a number of different ways to describe what you’re actually doing if you’re looking for a marketing hook, but I’m not sure any of them are better than “flow.” You’ve already used the concept of a “complex.”
    Combine the fluidity of your present routines and you come up with “fluid complexes” which I happen to like. I also like “kinetic progressions” or “fluid kinetic progressions.” Or even “fluid kinetic complexes.” If any of those appeal you to, no credit necessary. I think you’ve really come up with something unique.

  13. Oliver Hottenrott

    Hey Jason, just tried your ‘flow’. It’s really great stuff and feels good. I tried it twice with two different sizes of kettlebell. I’ve only got an 8 KG and a 20 KG bell. Tried both, but I have to say I preferred the lighter one – as flowing was much better possible than with the heavier one. What do you think: Is size more important than quality of movement? Hey, this could be a gneral question regarding life… Greetings from Germany! Olli

  14. Jason

    Thanks Mark! What size kettlebell did you use?

  15. Jason

    Thanks Steve. Did you have your guys try this yet?

  16. Jason

    Thanks James. I like Kinetic progressions. I appreciate you putting those together.

  17. Jason

    Thanks Oliver! No, don’t sacrifice quality of movement for weight. I prefer lighter bells as well.

  18. Indy

    Sweet!! I mean Sweat!!

  19. Jason

    Thanks Indy. I appreciate you stopping by.

  20. Chris

    Awesome stuff as always! those sitout – cleans are real nice !

  21. Mike Luque

    Really nice Jason. I like the half kneeling swing snatch. Great addition to a turkish get up.

  22. Jen Rader

    Love the flow!!

  23. Sen

    Love ‘em, Jason! Keep ‘em coming! It’s awesome to see all these movements linked together cleanly and “effortlessly”. Great job! Flow with the go!

  24. jason

    Thanks Sen. I will keep them coming. Kettlebell flows are one of my favorite ways to train.

  25. Marilyn B.

    Love the work out and can’t wait to try it. Also, very pretty video and music. Respect for the “flow” concept. Reminds me of some of the discussion during my Level 1 Cert with you and I have tried to incorporate flow into my workouts too.

  26. jason

    Thanks Marilyn! Let me know how it goes.

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