14Dec, 2010

Kettlebell Conditioning Workout for BJJ

If you’ve been following our latest kettlebell training videos and blog I’m sure you’re starting to see a trend…a trend moving toward something that we call Kettlebell Flows.

Kettlebell Flows can be designed to develop and enhance any physical quality or attribute that you need them to. Since one of my favorite sports to train and to coach (strength & conditioning) is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ I tend to be a bit biased towards designing Kettlebell Flows for BJJ.

But if you’re a smart trainer, a fitness freak or a Kettlebell Geek there’s nothing stopping you from trying these Kettlebell Flows out for yourself. You don’t need to play BJJ or even know what the hell it is honestly. So please enjoy this flow, try it out, and report back in the comment section below.

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Comments on “Kettlebell Conditioning Workout for BJJ” (25)

  1. La Saun

    Now that’s “Nice”!

  2. Nikki

    I dig this Jason both the first workout and this progression! Keep the flow coming!

  3. jason

    Thanks La Saun! Where have you been?

  4. jason

    Thanks Nikki. I will keep the flows coming!

  5. Kris

    What I like about Jason, Pam, and KBA is that they have progression/regressions for all movements. It’s not just “try this Killer 6 pack ab MMA move!” It’s REAL stuff.

  6. Kevin

    I liked the last flow quite well. This should be another good one. Can’t wait to try it. What was the music this time? I dig it.

  7. jason

    Thanks Kris. I appreciate your comment. I think it’s important to have progressions/regressions. I can get taken by the “Killer” mentality from time to time but as I get older and more mature in my training I just don’t see a need for it. I’m thinking longevity and quality of movement/life and less about intensity.

    That doesn’t mean things can’t get difficult though.

  8. jason

    Thanks Kevin. I’m glad you liked the earlier flow as well. Personally I like the 1/2 kneeling Clean & Press more than the 1/2 kneeling Snatch but I like to provide options and progressions.

    1/2 kneeling snatches are harder, just a heads-up. I think you’ll like the high bridge.

  9. Jason


    Sorry I missed your music question. I use Imovie. It’s just stock music with that program but I agree, it’s pretty good.

  10. La Saun

    Still in VA! I may be PA in April!

  11. john slattery

    Brown, good stuff, !

  12. jason

    La Saun, I hope everything is going well. I was just in Bethesda. Nice town.

  13. jason

    Thanks Slats! How’s kettlebell training on the beach in 20 degree temps?

  14. James Hankins

    Great stuff, Jason. I’ll be so glad when I get through tiling my house so I can get back to some fun workouts. Right now, the only workout I”m getting is on my knees all day with a trowel and bucket of Thinset LOL!


    Jason …good stuff love the snatch from one knee… hope all is well !

  16. Vince McConnell

    Great job Jason. Love the transitions with emphasis on mobility and integrated tension. Will utilize with my athletes.

  17. jason

    Thanks Daniel. I hope you guys are well up there. How’s training?

  18. jason

    Thanks Vince. Please let me know how your athletes respond. I appreciate it.

  19. Sen

    Another great one. Why no timeline? I liked that about the last one!

    Definitely sharing this with my training partners.

  20. jason

    Thanks Sen. Timeline took too long to create…3 weeks. Once I find a better system I’ll start to add more.

  21. Sincere

    That was pretty gangsta, Jason, especially the “joint mobility moves” at the end j/k.

    Seriously, I’m diggin this one, and will half to give it a try. Good stuff, my man.


  22. jason

    Thanks Sincere. I knew you would like those moves at the end.

  23. Barry B.

    I’m trying this flow next. Hey Jason, is that a side press “windmill variant” in the transition from left to right??

  24. Barry B.

    it’s a Bent press. I just Googled it. Never mind Jason.

  25. Barry

    I can’ t think of another way to start my Power endurance routine today.

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