7Jun, 2011

200 Turkish Get-ups in 1 Minute

I had the awesome honor and pleasure of having 2 presentations this year at Perform Better’s 3-Day Functional Training Summit in Providence Rhode Island. First up was my “Unlocking the Kettlebell Basics” presentation. I usually cover 5-6 basic kettlebell exercises, teaching cues, progressions and regressions. We didn’t make it through all 5 this year but we were able to exlore each kettlebell exercise in greater details and some great questions were asked.

Up next on day 2 was my Advanced Kettlebell Applications for Sport. Although attended by less people I was very happy with the turnout and the group was great, was willing to try anything and had some very great questions and open minds.

Here’s a quick video from day 1.

Thank you everyone that attended and a huge thank you to Perform Better and their awesome staff.

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  1. Mike Luque

    Very cool, Jason. Excellent instruction. I’ll bet that was a fun expo.

  2. Thanks Mike. It was an awesome event. I’ve never been to a Perform Better that I didn’t love.

  3. ispolin

    I tried Kettlebells once but unfortunately not for any extended period.I can definitely see the benefit of using them as they will increase strength,stamina,and makey oul eaner. So I recomend everyone to try

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