What are the 2018 trends in the fitness world?

Every year there is a research done into the fitness tendencies for the following year.

It is a highly regarded study, carried out by an official college of sports, where they hear more than 4 thousand professionals in the field.

fitness trends for 2018

All the information gathered serve as reference for different perspectives within the industry and also for people willing to train harder at the gym, or starting their own home center. The idea is to provide dada on what works the best, what are the preferences, cost versus benefit analysis, alternatives for projects and everything to do with fitness.

The search was sent to 114,455 health fitness professionals, 4,133 answered.

Responses were received from almost every continent, 43 countries in all. The interviewees were asked to distinguish between a “fad” and a “trend”.

Trend: general development or change in the way people are behaving.

Fad: a tendency that is followed with great enthusiasm for a brief period. Fads mayappear but will fall off the list in subsequent years (some lasts even less than 1 year).

There were 40 possible fitness trends in 2018 list. The editors included items from all four sectors of the health fitness industry: corporate, clinical, community and commercial.

The top 25 trends of previous years were included in the survey, and some potentially emerging trends previously identified by the editors were added. At the end of the survey there was a blank space for the respondent to include other potential fitness
trends left off the list.

The top 5 fitness trend for 2018

1.HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training

At the top of the list of fitness trends 2018 is HIIT. This winner is known by short periods of high intensity exercise followed by a short rest or recovery period. However, when not supervised by qualified professionals, there is a greater risk of injuries. This form of exercise has become popular in gyms all over the world.

In the top three since 2014, HIIT seeks to optimize the process of caloric burning in a short period of time. To achieve this goal, the proposal is to make intense exercises and little rest.

2. Group training – group lessons

This form of exercising demonstrated a great preference amongst the main adepts as guiding workout. Classroom instructors teach, lead, and motivate individuals. Group programs are designed to be effective sessions for different fitness levels and are
highly motivational. There are many types of classes and equipment such as aerobics, biking lessons and dance lessons.


In third place in the list for 2018, this is a trend applying the use of cutting edge technology, including smart activity trackers, watches, heart rate monitors, GPS tracking devices and eyewear that were launched just a few years ago. The wearables industry today reaches billions of dollars in sales, including also smart interactive fabrics and textiles. They have included also the latest apps.

4. Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training first appeared in trend research in 2013 (at number 3) and was in position number 2 in 2017, but in fact, people have been using their own body weight for centuries as a form of training resistance. Bodyweight training programs use
minimal equipment and accessories, which makes them a very inexpensive way to exercise.

5. Strength Training

Strength Training continues to be popular in various sectors of the health and fitness industry and for different types of people. Last year, younger customers used weights almost exclusively.

For the next year’s gyms, however, they predict several segments of clients (men and women, young and old, children and patients with stable chronic disease) whose main focus will be strength training.

The final trend, according to the experts is that, the accessories for 2018 fitness will continue to be used for cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation or metabolic disease management programs as well.

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