7 Tips for keeping your back healthy while working on the computer

Today I am here to give you 7 tips to keep your back healthy while working on the computer. People who spend many hours sitting in front of the computer often have back, neck, arm, and leg problems.

These problems are almost always caused by a bad posture in front of the computer, but so that it doesn’t happen to you and so that your back doesn’t hurt again, I’m going to give you seven simple tips that will allow you to keep your back healthy when you’re in front of the computer.

  1. Try not to make too much force to move the mouse, when you move the mouse try to keep the wrist straight.
  2. When you lean on your work table what should be supported is not the elbow, but the forearm. Try to be comfortable, for that, you have to place both the keyboard and the mouse pad so that you can move easily, the angle of the keyboard must be equal to the angle of the forearm.
  3. Do not bring your eyes closer to the monitor than 45 centimeters if it is necessary to enlarge the elements of the screen make it, but you do not approach more than 45 centimeters.
  4. Try to maintain a straight posture in the chair, especially try to keep your back straight in front of the computer or whatever requires your attention.
  5. You can also use an aid to keep your posture straight. For example Posture Corrective. The function of which is to help you maintain a straight posture to avoid back pain.
  6. Doing postural exercises in the gym helps to take the habit of having good posture.
  7. Keep your eyes up. This will help you take care of your cervical position.

You’ll see if you apply these tips soon enough, your back will stop hurting while you’re working on your computer. I hope these simple tips have been useful to you and I hope you put them into practice.

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