EMS: Learn about the training with electrical stimulation that is a big hit amongst the rich and the famous

Have you ever imagined practicing physical exercises and receiving electrical shocks? Well, this method is called EMS [Muscle Electrical Stimulation] and is done with the use of the Ultimate ABS Stimulator. Many movie stars from Hollywood and the riches are practicing this technique at the academies. Athletes like sprinter Usain Bolt and tennis player Rafael Nadal are also doing the EMS.

In order to effectively apply EMS on your muscles it is important to review some basic principles of how the nerves are activated by the electrical signals and how the muscles contract in response to these signals. It is also important to understand the types of muscle fibers, normal patterns of recruitment of muscle fibers and how they are stimulated when using electrical impulses.


There are commercially a huge number of electrical stimulation devices (using a variety of types of currents) that are sold under a variety of names. They may be portable (battery operated) or plugged into the mains and there has been some debate as to which type of equipment would be best for muscle building.

Some researchers have argued that power-connected units can produce greater force gains, as they can cause higher levels of contraction force for training, particularly when used for larger muscle groups such as quadriceps. However, there is no clear evidence that any other type of equipment is more effective than the Ultimate ABS Stimulator.

In order to maximize the benefits of EMS, use in combination with normal training and not to replace it!

How to start with EMS?

The workouts are individual and customized and can meet three main goals: muscle definition, weight loss and fitness. Tests carried out in Europe show results such as decreased body fat and increased lean muscle growth.

The electrical muscle stimulation has already been used as an effective form of rehabilitation for years. If, for example, you have a muscle that is not being stimulated due to damage to the nerve, then applying an electric current can help restore muscle mass or at least prevent the condition from getting worse.

However, before starting on a program we suggest a good talk with your physician to determine your overall health and also the level of you comfort to endure the electrical current provided by any EMS equipment.

Bear in mind that a complete program is the one which includes a healthy diet, a routine of exercises and the use of Ultimate ABS Stimulator to increase muscle strength and tone. There is not going to be a positive outcome for those people sitting in front of the TV all day, without any exercise at all, no diet and no determination! There is no miracle.

Start with short sessions; considering that level of comfort which does not cause you any harm. Find out the muscle area you would like to target and apply the patches over the surface of the skin.

Some studies have proved that EMS works very well to strengthen and enhance performance gains. However, like any other training tool, you will be achieving optimal results only when you use the technology appropriately in terms of specific settings, timings, frequency, and overall volume of work.

Final NOTE

Any equipment used to care for your health must be considered as a clinical device, which warrants official approval. Before rushing to buy your EMS equipment check for the seals of approval, clear instructions, warranty and risks to one’s health. Every information about the equipment must be clearly displayed as well as voltage and energy level for adjustments.

In order to maximize the benefits of EMS, use in combination with normal training and not to replace it!

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