How to get in shape in 8 weeks with Flexible Dieting?

how to get in shape in 8 weeks

If you open Instagram and your feed is a complete guide of Fitgirls accounts and healthy eating, surely you have seen more than once (and two) the hashtag #IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). But also. Typically, it accompanies images that would correspond more to a #foodporn than to our diet image. However, there are those who show that you can lose pounds by counting your “macros” (and exercising and leading a healthier life, of course).

In this article, we will tell you everything about how these two recently added inspirations for fitness made their way to a remarkable shape.

We’re talking about Jaime and Shari. Nope, these girls are not famous; they’re not friends of the Kardashians or stuff like that. Jaime and Shari are normal girls, but they have something in common: they found a way to get fit fast and without doing crazy things.

How did these girls do it? Here are the tips

If you check Jaime’s Instagram, you will find her before/after pictures. In her posts she shared her story and told us some tips:

  • It took her eight weeks to see changes
  • She got out of bed at 5 am in the morning
  • She made weight train five days a week
  • She made some cardio sessions
  • She followed a Macro’s diet (more about this down below!)
  • She ate meat every day
  • She avoided eating candies

What can we learn about Shari’s notes? Here you have:

  • She followed a Macro’s diet
  • She made the so-called “flexible dieting” (keep reading!)
  • She tracked her calories intake

Something that she was very clear about is that it’s not magic at all. There’s no secret tip. There’s no switch in your mind to make you thin and fit.

Shari’s story touches you because although she doesn’t want us to judge her as a “motivational speaker,” her story is very inspiring. She’s a mom and a teacher, and like a lot of women, she fought to her overweight without seeing any results. She declares she trained for four entire years, but it wasn’t enough to get her in shape.

So, how did she finally made it? How she lost the weight gain of her last pregnancy? She says very clear: you have to adjust your intake according to your weight loss goals.

Which fitness program did they both follow?

We told you that there was no secret tip but, for sure you assumed these two girls have something more in common. Did you found out what it is? YES, their fitness coach!

She is called djmfit on Instagram, and her name is Danielle Mitchell, an online transformation coach who’s a Fitness Enthusiast and preaches the “flexible dieting.”

What is the Flexible dieting or Macro dieting?

Count macros instead of calories (and lose weight without going hungry!). If it enters your “macros,” you can eat whatever you want (really).

What are the “macros”? The macros are nothing but the macronutrients, the food groups that our body needs to live: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. (They all contain micronutrients, vitamins, minerals).

The diet of macros or “flexible diet” proposes to lose weight (or maintain weight) by controlling the grams of macronutrients that you eat daily. The key is to eat the necessary amount of protein and be flexible with carbohydrates and fats.

How does the flexible diet works?

As its name says, this diet or meal plan is different for each person depending on their level of physical activity, constitution, sex, and age. According to these variables, you will have precise grams of each macronutrient that you must consume per day according to your objective: lose or maintain weight.

So, the only thing you have to achieve to be successful when it comes to losing weight is: to establishing habits that you can maintain in the long term, include foods that you enjoy in your diet and which at the same time gives you the necessary nutrients.

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