Kettlebell Exercises and origin

Exercise is a physical activity of great importance for humans because it allows us to be healthier, stronger and better. Due to the aforementioned, as the time has passed the human being has been concerned with creating different ways of exercising, such as running, walking, swimming or practicing some form of sport.

There is also the option of training through weightlifting as in the case of gyms, allowing us to strengthen and tone our muscles so that the so called Kettlebell Exercises represent an excellent option that you can put in practice.

kettlebell exercises

When referring to the term Kettlebell it is necessary to know that it is a type of ball-shaped cast iron weight that is similar to a bullet and has a grip that allows it to be manipulated by the user. These types of dumbbells was originated in Russia, in the beginning were used for the purpose of serving as a counterweight to the balance of cattle, but in 1940 began to be used in competitions in the country of origin, So that events were organized in which competences were realized among the men with the purpose of seeing which of them was more stronger.

Years later in the gym and CrossFit training due to its great utility the trainers began to include them in the routines of training observing great utility and they are very beneficial.

Importance of Kettlebell Exercises

In reference to the Kettlebell Exercises as previously mentioned are very used in the gym and in the CrossFit, this is due to the excellent results that can be obtained, as they allow, increase the strength and resistance of the muscles and tone them .

Well many of the people have wondered at some time what is the reason because these types of weights are so useful and allows get excellent results. The answer to the question of why you get such good results with the Kettlebell Exercises is because of the geometry of the kettlebell and its grip, since the center of gravity is external to the hand and shifts with respect to the grip, The user to be able to manipulate the weight requires for use a greater intensity of muscles and stabilize them.

Because it requires a greater intensity of muscles to be able to stabilize them, there is a greater tension in the muscle so that it will increase the strength and the muscular resistance of the user, also have been generated routines that allow for lose fat and lose weight.

Some Kettlebell Exercises

As has been mentioned above the human beings with the pass of time have created different types of exercises and routines that allow people to exercise. It is important to know that there is a great variety of Kettlebell Exercises, allowing the training a great variety of muscles.

Among the different exercises that can be performed with these excellent weights are the following:

  • Swing that is a very effective exercise in which the Kettlebell rises up to shoulder height, being excellent to work both the cardiovascular part as the strength of the people who apply it and used the whole body is considered as the More complete Kettlebell exercise.
  • Goblet squat. Squats are considered a fundamental in any exercise routine, allow tone the muscles of the legs and help to burn fat.
  • The Strict press. It is an excellent exercise for tone your shoulders, but not only the movement intervene the man need the entire body for provide maximum energy and strength.
  • The clean. That is another excellent exercise very similar to the Swing in which also it intervenes everybody in intervenes in the movement but the difference is in the position that is realized.

The human being as time has passed has created a great variety of exercise for the purpose of improving the health and physical conditions among which are the Kettlebell Exercises that are of great importance and you will be able to realize a great variety of exercises routines that will be of great use to you.

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