Kettlebell weights for beginner

The human being needs to exercise for the purpose of strengthening his muscles, increasing endurance and improving health. So many mechanisms have been created through which people can exercise; But at the beginning people may have a series of questions that need to be answered in order for them exercise properly. One of the mechanisms that are widely used is lifting weights as it is very effective, as is the case of kettlebell and one of the most frequent questions is about the kettlebell weights for beginner.

kettlebell weights

It is important that anybody who wants to exercise before kettlebell is informed in a suitable way, even seek the guidance of a professional to help them to perform the exercises in an appropriate way, for them in the gyms there are personal trainers who provide Guidance on what is the proper way to exercise the proper weight.

Just like any other exercise it is necessary that at beginning when working with Kettlebell is not very heavy, since your body is not accustomed and if you lift large weights you can cause an injury. At the beginning it is necessary to exercise gradually and with little intensity and as the person gains experience, the person must increase the intensity and the weight, until he reaches a limit in which the people feel comfortable.

Another element that needs to be taken in account is the fact that when performing exercises before using weight it is necessary to perform stretching exercises with the purpose of avoiding injuries.

What is necessary to choose the right kettlebell weights?

Regarding correct kettlebell weights there are several factors that affect weight selection, factors such as age, whether male or female, experience, strength and ability of each person. It is not the same as a person of 20 years old weight those a person 65 years old tries to raise. Also the men to have greater strength, can lift more weight than the women other of the factors that can have incidence is the experience that you have the people who is exercising is not the same as a person who has 5 years exercising that someone who has 1 day, as time goes by the body becomes accustomed to the weights and intensity of training.

Also depending on the type of exercise that is performed should choose a specific kettlebell weight, in regard to that is important to note that not all exercises that are performed with the kettlebell the position and how to do it changes, so some have Greater complexity than others and therefore with some exercises can handle greater weight than others.

What are the right kettlebell weights?

As mentioned above gender is tied with the kettlebell weight that can be handled; In case the user is female and beginner, it is advisable to begin with a weight of 8 kg (18 pounders) and taking in account if it is a strong woman.

With the passage of time as the woman gains experience, is strengthened and able to get in shape can increase the weight to about 12 kg (26 pounders)

It is important to mention that these weights may vary depending on the type of exercise being performed. So it is not enough for the user to test to see how comfortable he is and even ask a coach.

With regard to men, the people need to know that in case the user is beginner, it is advisable to start with a weight of 12 kg (26 pounders). Over time as the man gains experience he will strengthen, the man can increase the weight to about 24 kg (53pounders).

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