Why are we more and more seduced by essential oils?

Most of us really like essential oils mainly because it’s natural! Let’s treat nature with respect and we will do it! Then because the products are very concentrated and overpowering!

essential oils for colds

How do essential oils work?

Surprising as it may seem, the scent of essential oils is not pleasant for everyone: it is in some cases an excellent repellent against the unwanted. This is the case of citronella with mosquitoes, for example. On the contrary, it attracts pollen-pollinating insects that cannot withstand the scent of the flower.

Most of the time, the scent of essential oils exerts a beneficial effect on the mind of an individual by directly influencing his psycho-emotional balance. Essential oils can play an important role in preventing stress-related illnesses. By improving our balance and general well-being, they help to resist fatigue, help restore the balance of the body and mind, help eliminate nervous tension, and release organic blockages so-called “functional”.

Unlike the other 5 senses, the messages sent by the olfactory sense do not directly reach the consciousness. These messages reach the brain via the limbic system (= reptilian brain) hence the fact that certain smells have an immediate effect on the mood before we even notice it.

The scent of the rose will have a relaxing effect, the mint a stimulating effect, while a vanilla scent will relax the atmosphere and can be a natural aphrodisiac.

Why did I choose to tell you about Ijoobi.com today?

Because when I discovered the site, I was immediately seduced by tone, enthusiasm and colors. I am always looking for natural products that make me feel good but if they also preserve biodiversity and are eco-friendly it suits me very well! I am not super talented in essential oils, I am always afraid to do wrong, to deceive myself. The site ijoobi.com is full of valuable tips and recipes all in a very nice layout.

After contacting the super fun team at Ijoobi.com, I opted for lemon essential oil.

Known as digestive and sanitizing, this oil is particularly used against bacterial infections and bloating problems. Healing and revitalizing, it is also known to fight against oily skin.

The uses are numerous. Alone or in synergy the essential oil of lemon works wonders. I have not tested all uses, just a few that I propose to detail.

Against the excess of sebum

I add a drop of lemon essential oil to my day cream that I apply in the morning. No brightness during the day.

Against cramps

I mix 4 drops of lemon essential oil with a vegetable oil of apricot kernel (you can choose another vegetable oil). I then massage the area of ​​the cramp, it really relieves me.

Against nervousness

I put 3 drops of lemon essential oil in a base of neutral soap and I integrate in my hot bath in which I stay between 10 to 15 minutes.

Against fatigue

I dilute 5 drops of lemon essential oil to 20 ml of sweet almond oil and I massage the chest.

When I am out of ideas or inspiration

I choose a direct olfaction from the bottle of lemon essential oil, several times an hour.

I intend to try it soon for insect bites

Apply a trace of lemon essential oil directly to the insect bite. (One trace equals ¼ drop) morning and evening.

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