What is Kettlebel Swing

Kettlebells are widely used for tone, strengthen muscles, burn fat and have better health. It is important to know that this valuable tool allows perform different types of exercise that has originated as is the case of Kettlebell Swing, One of the best exercises since it is very complete and provides great benefit for training

The Kettlebell are very used in gyms and for the CrossFit, according to the opinion of expert trainings are very efficient and of the variety of exercises that can be done with them, the most complete exercise is the Kettlebell Swing. The reason that Swing is such a good exercise is that when people do it they need to use all the muscles of the body in order to energize the movement.

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It is also necessary that the people before performing the Swing perform a warm-up routine with the purpose of avoiding any injury to their muscles or joint.

This type of exercise is also necessary that the people who performs exercise use the proper weight for the purpose of avoiding injury, if a person who is started has to exercise Kettlebell should start with light weight and as you go grabbing experience, you can go Increasing the intensity of the exercise.

One of the things to know when performing any exercise including Swing is the fact that you must know the correct position and mechanics of exercising, since doing the exercise improperly can cause injuries and health problems.

How Kettlebell Swing

When people want to perform Kettlebell Swing is necessary to know the correct position and mechanics in order to avoid injuries. The first thing that you should do, it is inform yourself well and even ask for guidance, then you must choose the right weight, which must be a weight that can dominate.

Once you have selected the Kettlebell you should place it on the floor between your feet, your shoulders should keep them back and chest up; Remember that it is very important that you follow the instructions, then you should bend down to grab the handle with both hands, stand up keeping your shoulders back.

how to exercise kettlebell swing

Remember that the legs should have the same opening as your shoulders, in order to provide energy to the movement you should bend your knees by bringing your buttocks back, at the same time you should also pull the kettlebell and then reverse the movement and Carrying the Russian dumbbell over his head. It is important during the movement that the back is held up to avoid injury
It is also important to know that there are several versions of Kettlebell Swing as it is Russian and American so it is very important that you select the one that fits you best and in the gyms any doubts that are presented, you ask a trained or subject expert in order to avoid injury

This type of kettlebell exercise as you could notice puts all your muscles in motion, making it very suitable for toning and burning fat.

Then you should down the Kettlebell and do between 10 to 15 repetitions and 3 to 4 sets, in order to make the exercise as effective as possible.

With the kettlebell you can perform a great variety of exercise but it has been proven that the most effective is called Kettlebell Swing since it requires the use of the muscles of the body to tone and burn fat. When performing this type of exercise it is very important that you do it properly so that you avoid injuries and if you have any doubts it is highly advisable to consult the guidance of an expert.

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